About Me

I create handmade objects for adornment and hope to inspire people to accessorize beautifully! I have been exploring the female/human form since I was a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and plan to continue that exploration into the future. I am making a statement about the beauty, resilience and art of the human body with the work I do, whether that be boldly, with my female form earrings, or subtly, with the individual way that people wear my jewelry on their hands, necks, wrists and ears.
I currently work out of my two bedroom apartment in Richmond Virginia with my two cats, Roo and Orzo. I am 24 years old and have been making jewelry for almost 12 years. I started in 2008 with just beads and wire and that is where my love for jewelry making truly started. I was about 17 when I started to work with solder and precious metals after feeling the need to advance my skills. After graduating high school I attended VCU Arts where I proceeded to perfect my skills in jewelry making and metal work until I graduated in 2018. While in undergrad I found my voice as an artist and hope to continue exploring that voice through what I make now and in the future.